The value proposition to customers

Side Light Emitting module (SLEmod)

  • Comfortable and soft light
    • with adjustable optimal radiation spectrum for a person
    • without dazzling effect
    • without multiple shadows
  • Variability of different shapes, that can be easily and cheap replaced
  • Durable and smart design - easy installation, wide range of functions
    • brightness,
    • light temperature
  • High maintainability, environmental friendly due to possibility of update and reuse

Change design as easy to change the bulb.
No professional workforce required.
The value proposition to lamp manufacturers

Side Light Emitting module (SLEmod)

  • Unlimited design solutions
    • short terms of new models launch
    • low engineering cost
  • Extending capabilities of Intelligent lighting control
  • Minimized size, economy storage and logistic
  • Minimized number of components
  • Material, energy consumption and most important cost reduction
  • The luminaires are easy to recycle


2700 K4000 K6500 K

About us
2021 Q1 - Q4

Looking for investment 300 000 EUR

  • Spin-off company in Budapest
  • Start of production in partnership with Tungsram
  • Start of regional sales and marketing
Advisory board
Akos Dervalics
Akos Dervalics

CEO at SC Energy LLC, Founder of Knowledge to Money Club Budapest, Hungary

Akos Dervalics
Oleg Zsolt Berta

Real Estate development,M&A, startup

ex CEO at iCatapult

Budapest, Hungary

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